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Study Programme

“…educate leaders who can bring about better understanding among religious traditions and cultures …

Participants supported by fellowships will pursue a study programme which will enable them to become experts in human rights, intercultural dialogue.They will attend courses in academic institutions of their own choice in one of the following selected cities (Amman, Jerusalem and Rome). Additional academic institutions and locations will require approval.

Those individuals awarded fellowships will seek to create an environment conducive to both research and learning. They will periodically present the results of their studies during a series of conferences and round tables. The participants will also take part in meetings with their colleagues where they will contribute to the discussion of a controversial issue assigned to all at the beginning of the year.

They must also agree to attend a special seminar on Dialogue and Human Rights, taught and supervised by a visiting professor chosen by IFIIE. This seminar will consist of two modules: one at the beginning of the fellowship and one at the end of the year.

It is also foreseen that the most significant works of the students will be published in relevant scientific journals and reviews.