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Foundation IFIIE is pleased to announce the Conference :

Women and Public Engagement: A Faith Perspective

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Auditorium Giovanni Paolo II  Pontificia Università Urbaniana

Via Urbano VIII 16, Rome

A woman's natural inclinations make her a key player in society as well as in the family. As an educator in the family she has an important role for future generations. As a political leader, she can be a balancing element in the society, considering her talent for caring people. For human rights, for children. As a participant in public services and as an educator in schools and universities, she has a very important role to play.

Women of Faith are thus a driving force in our society, but this force is still seeking

During this meeting, four prominent women of faith will give their testimonies about
engagement in today's world and open the floor for discussion

Musdah Mulia - Muslim Perspective - Research Professor of the Indonesian Institute of sciences

Barthi Tailor - Hindu Perspective - President of the Hindu Forum of Europe

Tova Hartman- Jewish Perspective - Prof Gender Studies at Bar Ilan University Israel

Jane Adolphe- Christian Perspective - Prof of Law at Ave Maria School of law, Florida (USA), Secretariat of State Vatican

IFIIE wishes to thank for their contributions in organizing the event : the Indonesian Embassy to the Holy See, The Pontifical University Urbaniana, The Russell Berrie Foundation and the collaboration of the Italian Women of Faith Network-Religions for Peace.

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