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         On November 18th  – 19th, 2013 in Vienna the KAICIID ( King Abdallah Bin Abdulaziz International Center for  Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue)  has convened the first Global Forum on the “Image of the Other” with the participation of religious leaders, experts, policy makers and high government officials from all over the world.

         The first step towards establishing the KAICIID was the memorable meeting on November 2007 - between King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and Pope Benedict XVI

The Global Forum marks an historic moment in this journey which witnessed also the call of King Abdullah (Madrid Conference in 2008) for dialogue among the followers of different religions and cultures as opposed to the feared clash of civilizations.

         In the words of the Secretary general of KAICIID H.E. Faisal bin Muammar the center mission “….dialogue is KAICIID’s only mission. We are in the business of dialogue. Let me define the numerous benefits of dialogue as I see them. It connects people. It builds bridges of understanding and promotes respect. It enhances equal cooperation. It enables us to know each other and to increase our understanding of other peoples’ point of view. It serves us to discover differences and communalities and it facilitates the development of healthy relationships…”

         The Foundation IFIIE has been invited to participate by the Secretary General of KAICIID. The exchanges and the discussion in the working groups have been very informative and inspiring.

         In line with the mission of KAICIID of acting as a hub facilitating interreligious and intercultural dialogue and understanding some practical action have already taken place during the Forum by signing cooperation agreements between KAICIID and UNESCO, ISESCO, African Union, World Scouts Foundation and University of Montreal.



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