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     On the occasion of the Synod of Bishops on the Family, the "IFIIE Foundation" , together with the "Italian Women of Faith Network" (Religions for Peace) has organized  an Interreligious and International Conference on Women of Faith and the Family: Between Tradition and Modernity.

     The Conference will be held on Oct 1st in Rome at the Sala del Giubileo of the University LUMSA and it will debate the changing and enduring roles of men and women in the family as well as the challenges that mothers face in passing on the faith in the age of "liquid modernity." These topics will be discussed by internationally renowned, women scholars belonging to the Jewish, Catholic and Muslim tradition. Among the speakers: Prof Irene Kajon (Italy), Prof Nouzha Guessous (Morocco), Prof Isabella Crespi (Italy) Prof Jane Adolphe (USA), Prof Tova Hartman (Israel), Prof Shahrzad Houshmand Zadeh (Iran).

The synthesis of the reflections will be delivered to the Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops due to meet on October 5th.

We gratefully thank our sponsors: Lumsa University, Banco Popolare, Jean Paul II Center for Interreligious Dialogue, Palazzo Cardinal Cesi


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