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Helsinki is due to host the 13th Muslim International Forum from December 10 – 12. The Forum is organized by the Moscow Islamic Institute, Russia Muftis Council, Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation, Finnish Muslim Network and World Assembly of Islamic Schools of Thought.

The theme of the forum is “Quranic Humanism and Global Problems of Modernity: Strategies and Solutions”. It will delve on the concept of Quranic Humanism to find a way to the transformation of Islam in the modern world within the framework of a compromise between tradition and modernity.

It will be attended by the heads and representatives of international religious organizations, leading scholars of scientific organizations and educational institutions, representatives of authorities and public organizations from Europe, the Middle east, North Africa, South Asia, and North America.

The Foundation IFIIE has been invited to the forum and will present a paper on Catholic Humanism.

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